Who would build the bridges?

A Tale of Two Bridges

Connecting Houston Heights to Montrose, West End, Rice Military, and Washington Avenue.

There is a 1.3-mile gap along the White Oak Bayou path. There is a gap between Cottage Grove bridge and the bridges that carry Heights Blvd and Yale St across White Oak. There is a tremendous opportunity to create two iconic bridges that will enhance public appreciation, access, and use of these spaces. Two bridges will help enliven development projects, and create a distinctive identity and a sense of variety and enchantment to the neighborhood. Generating untold economic impact to no fewer than 150 local businesses while creating a refuge from the urban hardscape.

These two bridges have been in discussion since as early as 2010. The time is now to build them, particularly with SO MUCH federal money trickling down from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill.

City of Houston

  • City of Houston (Mayor Turner)
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Planning & Development
  • Public Works (Carol Haddock)
  • Permitting


  • City Council District C (Abbie Kamin)
  • TIRZ 5
  • Precinct 1 Commissioner (Rodney Ellis)
  • Superneighborhood 15 (Greater Heights)
  • Superneighborhood 22 (Between the Bayous)
  • Superneighborhood 14 (Timbergrove and Lazybrook)
  • Other Civic Associations (e.g., Houston Heights Association, West End Civic Club, etc.)

Other Organizations

  • Houston Parks Board
  • Bayou Greenways
  • BikeHouston
  • Air Alliance Houston

County, State and Beyond

  • Harris County: Flood Control District
  • State of Texas: TxDOT
  • Federal: Army Corps of Engineers

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