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Patterson St Bridge Update
Updated August 2023

Pending Grant Application for Preliminary Engineering

Rutland St Bridge Update
Updated August 2023

60% Design, Estimated Groundbreaking October 2024

Featured Project: Pat Walsh Bikeway
Updated August 2023

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Imagine a Houston where communities are united, green spaces are cherished, and vibrant neighborhoods thrive. That’s the vision we’re working towards by advocating for the construction of two pedestrian bridges and the preservation of over 30 acres of green space in the Heights. These bridges will do more than just connect neighborhoods, they’ll heal the fractures caused by highways and bayous, creating a pathway to unity.

A Tale of Two Bridges will serve as a centerpiece for the city of Houston, a symbol of progress and unity that locals and visitors alike can enjoy. With nearly 2 miles of new shared-use trails, you’ll have access to the ecological wonders of the bayou, while ensuring the preservation of wildlife and their habitats. This project offers a rare opportunity to transform and enrich our environment, all while creating a refuge from the bustling urban hardscape and providing stunning skyline views.

Let’s come together to create a signature park in the heart of Houston that’s not only beautiful but functional, serving as a detention basin for flood control while bringing connectivity to our communities. By supporting this project, we’ll be able to take a significant step towards building a better future for all Houstonians.

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Heights group advocating for another bayou pedestrian bridge

By Jay R. Jordan | Aug. 19, 2022

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