Where do the bridges go?

A Tale of Two Bridges

Connecting Houston Heights to Montrose, West End, Rice Military, and Washington Avenue.

There is a 1.3-mile gap along the White Oak Bayou path, between Cottage Grove bridge and the bridges that carry Heights Blvd and Yale St across White Oak Bayou. There is a tremendous opportunity to create two iconic bridges that will enhance public appreciation, access, and use of these spaces.

Two bridges will help enliven development projects, and create a distinctive identity and a sense of variety and enchantment to the neighborhood. Generating untold economic impact to no fewer than 150 local businesses while creating a refuge from the urban hardscape.


  • Reinforces the Bayou Greenways Inititative by connecting the MKT Bike Trail/White Oak Bayou with the Buffalo Bayou Trail’s north and south banks, and the Houston Heights Reservoir
  • Provides multi-modal connection between Cleveland Park, West End Park and Lawrence Parks
  • Provides improved access to several transit stops and mobility routes
  • Provides safer access to schools, churches and businesses along the Washington Avenue corridor for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Leverages existing infrastructure including the low traffic Patterson Bridge at IH10 and the Jackson Hill St bike/pedestrian bridges from Cleveland Park to Buffalo Bayou
  • Addresses a key connectivity gap between Southern Heights and the vibrant neighborhoods south of I-10

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