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Please use this page to send emails to all the elected officials that represent our area. We’ve also included other groups such as METRO and the Houston Parks Board, who are important stakeholders in funding and maintenance.

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Mayor of Houston

City of Houston

Mayor Sylvester Turner

Harris County Commissioners Court

Precinct 1

County Commissioner Rodney Ellis

City Council

District C

Councilmember Abbie Kamin

City of Houston Departments

Planning and Development Department

Houston Public Works

Houston Parks and Recreation Department

U.S. Congress

District 18

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee

District 7

Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher

Texas State Senate

District 15

State Senator John Whitmire

Texas State House

District 134

State Representative Ann Johnson

District 145

State Representative Christina Morales

District 147

State Representative Jolanda Jones

Houston Parks Board


METRO is a key potential partner. During their presentations to local neighborhoods, METRO has been saying that they have money to spend in building out pedestrian/bike facilities to build ridership around their BRT projects.

Because of the location of the Shepherd/Durham BRT stop, the Patterson bridge will help create a transit-oriented hub along the Patterson corridor.

Use “Construction/Planning” Projects


Dear ____________,

[Address & Zip Code]

I am writing in support of the construction of the funded bridge at Rutland St. and of the proposed bridge across Patterson St. bridge
I am hereby requesting an accelerated timeline for the construction of the bridges.

I am writing today in support of the construction of two bridges across White Oak Bayou: along Patterson St, and Rutland St.
These two bridges are part of the Houston Bike Plan, adopted by the City of Houston in 2017.
Patterson St Bridge: A bridge to be built over White Oak bayou just north of the I-10 at the current dead end of Patterson St adjacent to the City Traffic signal yard property to Sixth St. in the Heights.

This bridge would help tie the Buffalo Bayou, White Oak Bayou, and M-K-T trails together utilizing two existing key infrastructure pieces: the low-traffic Patterson Street intersection over I-10 & the Jackson Hill Bridge over Memorial Drive.

Currently, there is not a good link between the West End and the Heights. These neighborhoods have always been disconnected. The Cottage Grove pedestrian bridge over White Oak Bayou adds no less than 24 minutes to a journey that could be completed in a matter of seconds if there were a bridge at Patterson St.

The Shepherd/Durham and the T C Jester Causeways are not pedestrian nor bike friendly. In fact, Shepherd only has a sidewalk on the west side of the street.

Additionally, the Patterson St. Bridge is critical infrastructure to building any kind of ridership from Heights residents for METRO's proposed Inner Katy BRT. The stop will be inaccessible (or realistically unreachable) by foot without this infrastructure.

A bridge in this location would allow for the vital missing North-South trail connections. It is also part of a long bikeway originating in the Texas Medical Center, passing through Rice University, Boulevard Oaks, Montrose, Hyde Park, River Oaks, Buffalo Bayou, Rice Military, West End, and Greater Heights. This bikeway travels through Woodhead, Jackson Hill, Patterson, and Nicholson.

I am excited to see our city continue to prioritize infrastructure for pedestrians, bikers, and other low-impact users to help increase connectivity and quality of life.


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