11th Street: A New Houston Heights Destination

A Vibrant Corridor for the Neighborhood

11th Street in Houston Heights is a major east-west street in the Heights, running from Shepherd Drive to Michaux Street. It is a popular destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment, with a variety of businesses and restaurants along its length.

Our goal: Empower our local businesses on 11th St to build a thriving community where our families can feel safe shopping, exchanging ideas, exercising, taking a stroll.


We have printed a limited number of stickers and we’d love to get to know you!

Loro Houston Heights

Housed in a former 1940s-era church, Loro is an Asian smokehouse dreamed up by owners of Uchi and storied Franklin’s BBQ.

Ryde Houston Heights

“Opening our new flagship studio in the Heights marks a significant milestone for Ryde and our team,” co-founder Andrew Pappas said in a statement. “After three years of hard work, passion and meticulous attention to detail, we are proud to share Ryde with the vibrant Houston Heights neighborhood.”

Heights Central Station

The former Heights Finance Station post office was demolished to make way for a new development called Heights Central Station. Heights Central Station consists of two 2-story buildings with parking in the back.

Our journey begins with a symbol of unity – a dynamic t-shirt design that proudly showcases the logos of all participating businesses, representing our collective commitment to a better future.

Cast your Vote for T-Shirt Design!

Your voice matters in shaping the visual representation of our united community. We’re excited to present two distinctive design options for our coalition’s t-shirt, and we invite you to participate in this important decision-making process. Your choice will influence the design that will proudly showcase the unity of local businesses on 11th Street.

Option 1: Geographic Unity
Categorizing by Location: east or west of Heights Blvd

This design approach visually emphasizes the geographical diversity of our community. By categorizing businesses based on their location relative to Heights Blvd, we celebrate the unique charm and character that each side of 11th Street brings to our neighborhood. This option highlights the unity that spans from west to east, uniting us all as one community.

Option 2: Business Diversity
Categorizing by Type of Business

In this design concept, we focus on the variety and vibrancy of our local enterprises. By categorizing businesses based on the type of products or services they offer, we showcase the rich tapestry of skills and offerings that collectively define our community’s essence. This option highlights the unique contributions of each business while underscoring our shared vision.

11th Street Nighttime Aerials

11th Street Daytime Aerials

For Business Owners:

Please use the link below to download a brochure for more information:

4 responses to “11th Street: A New Houston Heights Destination”

  1. Gail Wellenkamp Avatar
    Gail Wellenkamp

    Thanks for getting this going. I’m so tired of all the negativity!

  2. Duane Myers Avatar

    Thanks for your efforts

  3. Sarah Romero Avatar
    Sarah Romero

    Love this! Excited to see the community come together!

  4. Frankie Corrigeux Avatar
    Frankie Corrigeux

    Pretty incredible how to see this coming together. Please drop a line to see how we can help

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