White Oak Glades Nature Preserve

Our objective is to safeguard over 30 acres of open land, currently under the ownership of the Texas Department of Transportation for stormwater management north of Interstate 10 and White Oak Bayou. Familiarly known as the Houston Heights Reservoir, or at times as Rutland St Reservoir, we aim to transform this space into an Audubon-designated bird sanctuary and a dedicated Nature Preserve.

Nearly ten thousand trees planted in 2013 are now reaching maturity

Already serving as a serene escape for thousands seeking solace from the urban environment, this area is frequented for leisurely strolls. With the addition of two planned pedestrian bridges, we envision it evolving into a focal point and a welcoming entrance to the Heights community, becoming a distinctive centerpiece enhanced by its intrinsic natural allure.

Proposed Boardwalk crossing W 6th St

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