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Background: Beyond the Bayous

A groundbreaking endeavor has been set into motion by Houston Parks Board under the banner of “Beyond the Bayous.” Spanning a comprehensive 384 pages, this audacious initiative charts out transformative connectivity corridors, poised to elevate Houston into the parkway city it has long been destined to evolve into.

Most off-road greenways within the city trace their paths towards bodies of water. Yet, these waterways predominantly flow in a singular direction—toward the Port of Houston. Beyond the Bayous, however, envisions a new trajectory.

This visionary scheme weaves parks and greenways seamlessly into Houston’s urban fabric, stitching together a vibrant tapestry of interconnected communities. Picture 3,000 acres of publicly accessible open space, linked by trails coursing along these Greenways, facilitating the connection of neighborhoods, schools, and job centers.

A nod to the past finds its place within this narrative—Buffalo Bayou Partnership’s 1986 endeavor to bridge Shepherd to the Port of Houston has finally materialized, nearly four decades later, as a near-complete linear park.

Yet, we are resolute in accelerating the realization of this vision. We refuse to wait idly for Houston to assume its rightful identity as a parkway city. How, then, do we embark upon this ambitious pursuit?

How to Connect Heights to Northwest Transit Center, Memorial Park, River Oaks, Greenway, Uptown

Currently, we can think of this big connection as two projects: The Memorial-San Felipe Hike and Bike Trail and The Northwest Transit Center / Memorial Park / Heights Shared-Use Path

The Memorial-San Felipe Hike and Bike Trail
Updated: February 2023

Crossing Buffalo Bayou

Adjacent to Union Pacific Railroads

New Bridge Construction over Buffalo Bayou

CenterPoint Energy

Status: Feasiblity Studies

Update: Has secured $11M in funding. This is a project by Parks & Recreation Department, but it is being handled by the General Services department. Project manager expects that once construction starts, any shortfall in funding due to increase in construction costs will be supplemented by Uptown District and/or Memorial Park Conservancy. CONSOR Engineering has been hired as the contractor for this project.

Challenges: It has been tricky due to the city not owning any land, so they have tried to strike deals with Union Pacific to little-to-no avail. Now, they are in negotiations with CenterPoint and they are running into issues due to regulations about electrical line height and setbacks. CenterPoint will get ready to do some preliminary engineering soon to see if it is possible to use their land. This department has been working at this for 2 years straight, with two meetings per month and engineers/designers on contract already.


Northwest Transit Center / Memorial Park / Heights Shared-Use Path
Updated: February 2023

Adjacent to Union Pacific Railroads

New Bridge Construction over I-10

CenterPoint Energy

Highway Crossing

Status: Inactive

This was submitted by Uptown District to the 2018 H-GAC Call for Projects and did not receive funding. We must apply pressure to H-GAC, Uptwon District, and TIRZ 5 to complete this connection.

Challenges: Did not receive funding in 2018. Requires new pedestrian bridge over I-10 which Requires close coordination with the railroads and TxDOT. The new Hempstead redesign did not include any ped/bike facilities.


This Project Forms Part of the 30 Mile Green Loop!

Houston has never been closer to having a complete 30-mile greenway loop. This is the kind of transformative goal we must work to especially as we are getting ready to host the World Cup in 2026.

We are actively engaged in monitoring and advocating for projects to ensure the successful completion of this vital 30-mile Green Loop.

Want to Help?

BikeHouston launched a petition for general Memorial Park Connectivity

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