Eureka Junction

Houston Parks Board recently released a bold new initiative called Beyond the Bayous. In 384 pages, the group identifies key connectivity corridors that will bring forward a transformative change for Houston to become the parkway city it has always deserved to become.

8 Regional Connectors

Most of the off-road greenways through the city currently travel in the direction of the water. And the bodies of water in the area only go in one general direction – toward the Port of Houston. Beyond the Bayous.

Parks and greenways that weave throughout Houston’s urban fabric creating a tapestry of vibrant, connected communities.

3,000 acres of open space publicly accessible. The trails along the Greenways provide access to nature and connections between neighborhoods, schools and job centers.

1986 – Buffalo Bayou Partnership to focus on Shepherd to Port of Houston : almost 40 years later the linear park will almost be complete.

It took more than 100 years for Comeys vision to start becoming a reality. We are here to reduce that time by a factor of 30-50 times. We do not want to wait around for Houston to be the parkway city it has always meant to be. How will we achieve this?

Lululemon – store in the Heights to Highland Village

Heights to River Oaks through Memorial Park

Imagine being able to bike on a greenway from Heights all the way through Memorial Park, through River Oaks and land right by Highland Village. A short ride on the University Line could take you to Post Oak Boulevard.

One of the most interesting aspects of this effort to me is the connectivity to Gulfton. I can hardly believe that after 20 years of living and moving around Houston, this is the first year I learn about Gulfton. First time I heard about it was about the Gulfton circulator. Gulfton is the most densely populated area of Houston.

Potential Partnerships

This project will use much of existing right-of-way, but there are significant barriers.

  1. Eureka Jct. at grade rail
  2. I-10 Freeway Crossing
  3. Buffalo Bayou Crossing
  4. 610 Ramp Traffic
Analysis and Constraints

Partner with TxDOT to create a new greenway crossing over I-10 to build a greenway in the TxDOT/City of Houston right-of-way along Eureka Yard and Old Katy Road.

Rebuild Houston funds could be used for on-street greenways

Harris County Precincts 3 and 4: road, general and recreation funds

Competitive for federal Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) funds

federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds

State transportation funds could be used for new bridge over I-10 and the railroads

charismatic infrastructure that could be attractive naming opportunities for corporate individual philanthropy

METRO funds could be used to build connections to transit center

HCTRA funds near Westpark to Gulfton

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